Stepped stencils are a special version of the conventional SMD templates and are produced using either milling or etching techniques. They are primarily required for PCBs with a large number of complex electronic components. The problem can arise here that the amount of soldering paste to be applied can no longer be controlled via the respective apertures. Stepped stencils are characterised by having differing material strengths in different subsections and can also be used to balance out height differences on PCBs.

It is important that there is a smooth transition between the individual levels, so as to prevent unwanted deposits, smearing and hardening of soldering paste residues. Siebtronic offers this special type of SMD stencil for all clamping systems.

Your benefits
  • Less costly finishing work
  • Always the right amount of soldering paste
  • Precise application possible thanks to smooth transition between levels
  • Different stencil thicknesses available in µm increments

We would be happy to inform you about where you can use stepped stencils in your production line. They can help make problems applying soldering paste a thing of the past. We look forward to hearing from you!

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